The Love Between My Father And Mother

My mother and my father were born in the same village. They have known each other since they were young. They grew day by day. They worked and played with age-mates. When they were in their twentiesh, they fell in love .At that time, my father separated from the other two brothers, and he was very poor. So my uncle and some people were against them.
    How time files! They have been married for 23 years. And they have two children, my sister and I. Both of us go to school. They hope we can finish their fond dream.
    I like to use my eyes to find out the love between my mother and father.
    Every day, my mother does all homework. Every morning, she prepares breakfast and lunch, then goes to work. After work, she returns in a hurry, and does some cooking, washing and doing other things. I find my mothers love is to offer her youth to the family silently.
    In my mind, my father is old-fashioned and inflexible. I cant feel my fathers love during the life. I couldnt understand it until that day. Four years ago, one day in summer, my mother was terribly ill. She was taken to hospital soon. After an operation, my mother was in bed sleeping. During those days, my father was always awake. I had never seen my father cry. But tears ran out of his eyes that day. He watched her until she was awake. I couldnt lose my mother, so did my father. He was not good at talking, but I knew he loved her. Luckily, my mother was healthy at last.
    Since they chose to live tighter, they should love each other forever. Ones life is limited, I hope they can lead a simple and happy life.
The love between my father and mother is silent.
The love between my father and mother is sweety.
The love between my father and mother is simple.
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